Snow Experience!

The first time I experienced a snowstorm was in Boston. I still remember the morning when I woke up, and opened my window. Everything was covered by snow, the cars, the houses, and the streets. I have never seen so much snow in my life! I just wanted to go out to play and buried myself with snow. Not many people in Boston like winter time, but I loved it.


Who would have thought that a Dog can experience the same emotions. Well, this is exactly how my Cinnamon felt the first time she put her little paws on snow.

We went to northern California with her during winter. It was a magical experience watching her smelling the snow for the first time. She did not know what to do with it. She would look at me as if she were asking; "what is this mommy? Can I eat it?" Then we throw her a ball and she started running like crazy, making little snow balls on her way! 

I would say that it was one of the best days for our little Cinny.









Chronic Motor Tic Disorder

One of the classes I had this quarter was Clinical Assessment where we studied different psychological disorders. One that caught my attention was Tic disorders. A Tic Disorder is diagnosed when either motor (Rapid, recurrent movement of the arms, legs, or other areas) or vocal (Vocalizations) grunts, abdominal or diaphragmatic contractions, but not both, are experienced persistently.

While the DSM IV is used to diagnose humans; it may serve to diagnose animals as well because I believe animals have their own “personality,” and as humans they also can develop certain disorders.
Cinnamon is one example. Ever since she was a puppy she's got rapid motor contractions which are called “tics.” These tics occur many times a day and nearly every day, but they do not seem to bother her or impair any areas of her functioning . They are not effect of substance abuse (not that I know) or a general medical condition.
Here is a video showing her Tics:



She does not fully meet the criteria for a Tic disorder, but if this persists for more than 18 months,  I may need to find a dog therapist!!!     paws Wooff wooff!!paws