Heart broken!

Don't they look like two lions!

Jaxon left on Monday and Cinny has been sad since :(.....She really needs another dog companion, but we still need to wait until we get a second dog! The last day, we took them for a walk to our favorite place, The Baylands in Palo Alto, CA, and we all had a blast!

Cinny minnie super model!

 Handsome boy!

 We are going to miss you Jaxon!

Puppy Love!

Cinnamon's second love, Jaxon, spent the week with us and we fell in love with the pup too!...Jaxon is a shih tzu too and he is the cutest and the most loving dog we met (heheeh just because he LOVES cinny).

Cinny got a shower and grooming to look pretty for her love!

Sexy piggy tails!

A hot dress!

And there they are together...

Since Jaxon arrived, they haven't stopped playing, day and night!!

If I get a second dog, it will definitely be another shih tzu :)

Naughty pup!

Today I got home after a long day at work and school, and found Cinny chewing on some plastic hangers! How did she get them? ...no idea, but she looked so cute and innocent that I couldn't resist taking a pic!

How can I get mad at this face?