To the beach with the doggies!

This past weekend it was really hot in the Bay Area. Burger, Derby (we were babysitting them for the weekend)  and Cinnamon were overheating, so we decided to take them to Carmel to the beach.
As we were arriving to carmel the temperature went from the 100's to 70's which was really nice for us and the puppies. As soon as we touched the sand the three of them started to roll over it and chasing each other. They looked so happy!!
Here are some pics of our mini trip:

Puppy love!

Cinnamon after digging in the sand!

Marco and Burger.

Pequeno Derby!

On our way back! (really tired)

Golden Gate Park Picnic!

We love taking short trips and hikes. This time we went to Golden Gate park in SF. I didn't realize how big this park is! Cinnamon and I had a fun time with the girls and their doggies. We took a short hike and Cinny loved being off-leash, exploring and sniffing around!

Alaina, Melissa, Kjersti and Zoila with their babies!

Cinnamon keeping me warm!

My little ewok!

Pooky, Zoila's baby!

Our picninc, we had so much yummy food and wine ;)

Thanks for planning this Kjersti!!!

More adventures: Boston, Disney, and Carmel

The past month, in the middle of finals and school work, we took some time off for traveling. First, we went to Boston to visit some friends. I took Cinnamon with me on board, but unfortunately the flight attendant was a "B." We were not taking off yet and she, in a very mean way, told me to put my dog inside her bag and under the seat. I did it, but I let her head out so I can pet her. The biach attendant came again and said, "well, you are not listening, your dog has to be all the way inside and under the seat!" Arggghh I almost killed her, but if you know me, you know I am very passive, so I forced my little precious to put her head down and closed the bag. She cried all the way to our first flight connection. I felt so bad that I almost cry myself. The second flight was much better, the passengers around me loved dogs and the flight attendants did not mind if Cinnamon was in my lap! They were even taking pictures of cinny! In our trip back we checked Cinnamon and I think she felt better that way.
Here are some pics of Boston:

On the plane!


Being a good daddy!


cinnamon wanted to chase those ducks


Our second trip was to Disneyland. Cinnamon met her cousin Charlie for the first time and they got along really well. I do not have pics of this trip, but she had fun down there. I just have this one where cinny is sleeping on our way to SoCal.

She looks So pretty

Then our final trip was to Carmel. We took Cinnamon to celebrate with us our first year Wedding Anniversary.

Doing some exercise, Cinnamon is a better runner than me.

She loves sand.


It was a hot day, she found a spot to cool down.

My favorite picture!

Cuter than those flowers ;)


Proud mom.Cinnamon always grabs attention.

We are so glad to share our adventures with our little one, and she loves them too!