Yappy Halloween trick or treaters!!

hello furry friends, I am a ghost buster, but I got no candy :(

I am all ready to go out and scare ghosts away and protect my mama. But do you think I am scary enough??? 

Hope pups out there have fun in Halloween and get tons of treats :)

Eating out : Cascal

Hello, this is Cinny taking over mommy's computer :)
Today I'm going to review one of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area: Cascal in Mountain View.

- Outdoor seating.
- Dog friendly (they gave me water and cookies as soon as I arrived with my human parents)
- Excellent service (sometimes I wondered around, but waiters didn't mind me)
- Delicious Tapas (my human parents kept saying that food wasn't disappointing and I trust them, but I wish I could've tried a little for myself :(
- It can take forever to get a table, specially if you prefer outside seating, so I recommend you make a reservation.

Are you happy, I am!!

Go out, sniff around and have new adventures, woof woof!

Just because

So laugh a little today :)
Atte. Cinny

Hello Kitty for Dogs

I must confess that I love everything Hello Kitty, I always have and always will :)
So I was excited when I found out that Loungefly and Sanrio have come up with a Hello Kitty collection specially for dogs, and they are adorable.

The model for their line is a Shih Tzu like Cinnamon, check it out:

You can read the blog post here.

I can't wait to go to the store and buy this lovely dress for Cinny and I hope she likes it :/

Healthy Treats for Summer

It's been long since my last post, but we are back!!!
It's summer again, the sun is out, time for more outdoor adventures and exploring, yay! ....but wait that also means overheating for my Cinnamon :)
Reading about natural treats for dogs a while ago, I found an article that recomends carrots and green beans as healthy treats for dogs that will not make their belly upset. So to keep my pup cool, we put the veggies in the freezer and yes she loves them!!!

Frozen carrots and green beans.

Waiting patiently for her meal.

Cinny says: "mommy two more please"

Try these treats with your pup, they are healthy, sweet and will not upset their tummies :)

Cinny says:"yumm yumm, thanks mama"

Shih Tzu mug!

I found this super cute ceramic cup with a Shih Tzu face on it at Walgreens for only $5!
Every time you drink your favorite beverage you will think of a lovely doggie like Cinny :)

Yappy Easter Everyone!

Mommy dressed me up today for Easter. I don't like it that much, but I did it for her because I know she loves it. Here are my pics:

Im an Easter Bunny, hop hop

I am sad cause my mommy said I can't eat chocolate!

I hope all my furry friends had an awesome Easter day!

A day at the park!

Hi there, its me again, Cinny!!!!
Here in the Bay Area the sun has finally decided to show up last weekend. However, my parents were on the couch staring at that stupid box again. Well, I thought, I'm not going to waste this beautiful day being a couch potato. So I stood in front of them, looked adorable as always, whined a little bit and guide them to the door so they can take me outside... and yes, it worked!
Mommy grabbed my favorite ball, treats and camera and off we went to breath fresh air outside.

Here are some pics:

Shih Tzu in nature :)

Here you can see my mommy and me admiring nature.

I hope you all took advantage of the gorgeous weather!!

Outdoorsy Girl

Explorer Shih Tzu 
Hello furry friends, my parents finally took me for hike last weekend and let me tell you I had forgotten how much I enjoy running in open spaces.
We went to Thornewood open space in Palo Alto. Dogs are allowed on leash, but because I am a very well behaved pup, I was off leash (shush don't tell anyone). This park has a lot of shady areas and great views of Portolla Valley. As you see in the pics my mommy took, I was exploring the area, drinking from clean creeks, chasing naughty squirrels and I crashed on the car at the end of the day. 
If you are as adventurous as me you definitely have to visit this park. Don't forget to bring water, snacks and poop bags :)

Blogger princess

I took my mom's computer to write about me and post some pretty pictures. Right now I am in Colorado and I'll be posting my adventures here soon!

Loves, Cinny

Testing blogger mobile!

I love the idea of writing from anywhere at anytime from my iPhone! Blogger launched an app and so far we like it :)
I still have to find out how to reduce the pictures, they appear too large !