Cinammon's BBQ Party!

Last Saturday we throw a BBQ party for cinnamon. It was a nice sunny day and everything came out perfectly. We had salmon, rib eye cubes, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms for people to make their own skewers. There were also plenty of hot dogs and meat burgers!
Cinnamon had her friends over and played all day with them. Marco and I also had a fun day with our friends and played some volley ball and with water balloons. here are some pics of the event:

Cinnamon looking at her birthday cupcake!! She loved it!

eat copy.jpg

Showing her birthday hat!
i am one copy.jpg

Cinnamon and her boyfriend Burger!

Misa and Shyla

Enjoying the burgers! (Marco and Annu)

A year of training paid off!!!



Cinnamon has turned one last week, and I wanted to put in video all the tricks she has learned so far. She is very smart, ever since she was a small puppy she knew her sit and down commands. We would use her regular dog food for tricks and she loved it!

After almost a year of dedicated training, she has learned to "high five," "shake hands," "give kisses," "sitting up," "roll over," "play dead," "find daddy," "to fetch" (when she wants to), and "to jump the hula hoop," but we are still trying to find a better way to teach her to "come" when we call her, especially at the park.

She is been an awesome dog so far. When we got her, (she was 8 weeks old), she  had about four pee accidents at home in three days, and only one poop accident. She learned to let us know when she wanted to go out by ringing a small bell we placed next to our door. Now she is fully housetrained and does not need the bell anymore because she can hold for long time. We could not have asked for a better dog, she is the perfect pooch for us!


Cinnamon's Birthday!

I am So excited to celebrate our baby's first birthday. We are planning a Bbq party at Cinnamon's favorite dog friendly park, Greer Park, which is conveniently located across the street from our apartment. Right now I am relaxing after an all day last minute shopping for the party. I can't wait for tomorrow! Cinnamon has no clue ;)

My Muse: Cinnamon!

Cinnamon has become the center of everything I do. (Well, mostly everything). Two of my favorite activities is painting and drawing and ever since I adopted Cinnamon I had the urge to transfer her beauty in paintings.
  • One of the first drawings I did of Cinnamon was the one below:
Tres amigos framed
This is a drawing called "Los tres Amigos" (the three friends) made with pastels. Cinnamon is on the left, Burger in the middle and Derby on the right.
  • The  following is an Oil painting of Cinnamon. I call this painting, "Precious."

  • And this one is a drawing using pastels. It is a cartoon version of Cinnamon called "Mi gordita" (My little fatty).
My next project will be a black and white drawing using charcoal. I just hope to have more time for that....oh well I will just do it anyway!!
 paws Keep barking ;)paws