Kjersti and Garbanzo!

Presenting mom Kjersti and Garbanzo!

I present you lovely Kjersti and Garbanzo! 
Kjersti was my first friend at SCU, we took the same classes together for the first trimester and I enjoyed her company a lot!
KJ is a very beautiful person inside and out! She is not scared of showing her emotions which is something I admire. I also admire her dedication to exercising and being healthy. She has her own inspiring website where she provides tips and useful information for runners check it out here

This is Garbanzo, he was in love with Cinnamon when he first met her, but Cinnamon was not interested in him   :( . He is a rescued dog and that alone tells you a lot about KJ and her compassion for dogs.

These two don't get along, but Garb doesn't give up!

KJ and me at our graduation day!

After three long years of grad school Kjersti and I were proudly posing for the cameras last June :) It was just funny how we started school together and ended up sitting next to each other at the graduation ceremony!!

Keep inspiring people dear KJ! 


The biggest spider I've seen!!

Walking around the park with Cinny we encountered with this big monster yesterday!! It was the biggest spider I've seen in the wild!....Cinny was staring at it and I wonder what she was thinking! I was thinking about the movie spiderman...but in this case if Cinny were bitten she would be Spider-Dog!!!!! :)

I wish I had my Canon with me, but the pics from my iPhone are not bad at all!

 Next day we came back to the crime scene with camera in hand, but sadly found nothing! I don't like bugs, but I was sad thinking that someone destroyed her spider web, it was huge, and the poor spider is now without a house :(

Bye bye yucky spider, just don't come around our place!!!

Autie Martha and Bella!

 Bella the pug (like all sisters, she and Cinny fight sometimes, but they love each other)

 This is Martha, she loves Bella and admits being obsessed with her!

Another beautiful dog mommy is my dearest friend Martha! We met three years ago when neither of us was a mom yet. I really liked her from the beginning, her personality reminded me of my own mother. Martha is not afraid of saying what is on her mind and most people are not comfortable with that, but I consider it one of her best personality features! I am always amazed of how hard she works. She is always on the go with tons of activities here and there, but somehow she finds time for friends and her baby pug. 

I love spending time with her, laughing at random and silly comments we/people make. The day she told me she was going to adopt Bella I was very excited because I knew that having a dog will bring us close together even more, and it did!

One of our many adventures together!

Yay for dog moms!

Next blogs: KJ, Missy!