New bed for Cinny!

After two years Cinnamon finally got a brand new bed!!! When we went to Petsmart Cinny was interested in all Martha Stwart pet collection, specially this bed!! I loved the color and the design, so we could NOT leave the store with a new bed for her. 
It took a while for Cinnamon to get used to the bed, but after sniffing around and putting her scent on it, she was sleeping like a babe dreaming about her love Burger!

Using her bed for the first time!

Martha Stewart has interesting stuff for dogs check them out here. 


I'm a lady bug!

I only like halloween because I get to dress up Cinnamon and go trick or treating with her. This year we went to Happy go Lucky dog boutique for a Halloween event. Cinny had a lovely lady bug costume and she was the best (at least in my mommy eyes). They had dog contests and free treats for humans as well.  Here are some of the cutest dogs and funny costumes:

Kjersti and Garbanzo!

Presenting mom Kjersti and Garbanzo!

I present you lovely Kjersti and Garbanzo! 
Kjersti was my first friend at SCU, we took the same classes together for the first trimester and I enjoyed her company a lot!
KJ is a very beautiful person inside and out! She is not scared of showing her emotions which is something I admire. I also admire her dedication to exercising and being healthy. She has her own inspiring website where she provides tips and useful information for runners check it out here

This is Garbanzo, he was in love with Cinnamon when he first met her, but Cinnamon was not interested in him   :( . He is a rescued dog and that alone tells you a lot about KJ and her compassion for dogs.

These two don't get along, but Garb doesn't give up!

KJ and me at our graduation day!

After three long years of grad school Kjersti and I were proudly posing for the cameras last June :) It was just funny how we started school together and ended up sitting next to each other at the graduation ceremony!!

Keep inspiring people dear KJ! 


The biggest spider I've seen!!

Walking around the park with Cinny we encountered with this big monster yesterday!! It was the biggest spider I've seen in the wild!....Cinny was staring at it and I wonder what she was thinking! I was thinking about the movie spiderman...but in this case if Cinny were bitten she would be Spider-Dog!!!!! :)

I wish I had my Canon with me, but the pics from my iPhone are not bad at all!

 Next day we came back to the crime scene with camera in hand, but sadly found nothing! I don't like bugs, but I was sad thinking that someone destroyed her spider web, it was huge, and the poor spider is now without a house :(

Bye bye yucky spider, just don't come around our place!!!

Autie Martha and Bella!

 Bella the pug (like all sisters, she and Cinny fight sometimes, but they love each other)

 This is Martha, she loves Bella and admits being obsessed with her!

Another beautiful dog mommy is my dearest friend Martha! We met three years ago when neither of us was a mom yet. I really liked her from the beginning, her personality reminded me of my own mother. Martha is not afraid of saying what is on her mind and most people are not comfortable with that, but I consider it one of her best personality features! I am always amazed of how hard she works. She is always on the go with tons of activities here and there, but somehow she finds time for friends and her baby pug. 

I love spending time with her, laughing at random and silly comments we/people make. The day she told me she was going to adopt Bella I was very excited because I knew that having a dog will bring us close together even more, and it did!

One of our many adventures together!

Yay for dog moms!

Next blogs: KJ, Missy!

My motivation!

Cinny can easily run a 5k :)

Dog moms!

Most (I would say all) of my good friends either have a dog or love dogs. There is something special about dog owners and you can tell a lot from the way they take care of their pups. Of course there are many crazy dog owners out there, like the crazy loud lady at the dog park with about six dogs (all of them loud and rude as her), or those animal hoarders.....well but that is the extreme!

I decided to write about my friends and their pups. Today I'll tell you about Karla and her baby Preciosa.

This is Preciosa (Cinny's new friend)!

This is Karla, the mommy!

I meet Karla through a friend, Martha, but I did not know we had so much in common after a year. I remember talking with her about Cinnamon and she told me about her dog and how she would quietly take a peek when Precious sleeps. We both love arts and crafts, we both are happily married, we grew up outside of the country and we both speak Spanish, oh and we enjoy wine, dancing, camping and snow sports!!!

 For my birthday Karla gave me this beautiful apron!

Karla adores her baby and she makes a pretty dog-mom!

 We had too much wine in this pic!!!

Next Blog: Martha and Bella!

Heat Wave in the Coast!!

 The past four days have been hell for Cinnamon and myself because of the heat wave that hit the Bay Area. Our AC decided to stop working for those days and I had to bathe Cinny at least twice during the day to keep her cool. Shih Tzus are very sensitive to heat and the 100's degrees was not pleasant for my baby.

Luckily we live in the wonderful Bay Area and are minutes away from the beach! So we spent the day cooling off and it was a precious bonding time :)

Cinny en San Diego!

Cinnamon can add San Diego to her traveling list now!....We found a beach that allows dogs near Ocean Beach and it was heaven for my little ewok. She made some friends while the grown ups were swimming in the clean beach :)
We are definitely coming back to sunny SD sooner than we think!

It is Summer.....almost!

What a nice weather we had so far here in the bay area!! I love love it! Now that I am all done with school and work I can enjoy the sunny days and spend time with my Cinny!

Today went to the park and Cinny loved it!

 Look at her, she looks like a bunny hoping around!

 She found a friend, but she was shy..the kitty was not :)

My Cinny's bday is tomorrow and this year it's going to be Cinny and mommy only because I didnt have time to plan something else. We are going to spend some time in Fort Funston because she loves that place and then shopping for a cute dress and a new bed for her.....She deserves it!!!

Cleaning up!

It is that time of the year again!!!....I'm getting ready for my family's visit to California and that only means cleaning time!... I started with throwing up old Cinnamon's toys!.......

Cinny's toys...she's been collecting a lot of them ;)

 She looked so sad when I told her I was going to throw these ones out!

 She couldn't let them go!!!!

 I think I would have felt the same if my mom just trhew my precious toys...but sorry Cinny they were so yucky and smelly ;)

Cinny's bday is coming soon, she is going to be two!!....She is not a puppy anymore :'(

Heart broken!

Don't they look like two lions!

Jaxon left on Monday and Cinny has been sad since :(.....She really needs another dog companion, but we still need to wait until we get a second dog! The last day, we took them for a walk to our favorite place, The Baylands in Palo Alto, CA, and we all had a blast!

Cinny minnie super model!

 Handsome boy!

 We are going to miss you Jaxon!

Puppy Love!

Cinnamon's second love, Jaxon, spent the week with us and we fell in love with the pup too!...Jaxon is a shih tzu too and he is the cutest and the most loving dog we met (heheeh just because he LOVES cinny).

Cinny got a shower and grooming to look pretty for her love!

Sexy piggy tails!

A hot dress!

And there they are together...

Since Jaxon arrived, they haven't stopped playing, day and night!!

If I get a second dog, it will definitely be another shih tzu :)

Naughty pup!

Today I got home after a long day at work and school, and found Cinny chewing on some plastic hangers! How did she get them? idea, but she looked so cute and innocent that I couldn't resist taking a pic!

How can I get mad at this face?

This face makes me happy!


Every morning Cinnamon jumps to the bed and stares at me until I wake up! Since I sleep with my iPhone in hand, today I was able to to take this pic of her cute face while I was pretending to sleep then she realized I was awake and started liking my face.......sweet morning!!!


I have never seen Cinnamon so excited and obsessed with a toy as she is with this squirrel maze!

It is called "hide a squirrel" and you simply hide squirrels inside the house and the dog is supposed to take them all out. Cinnamon is very good at this game and loves it so much that she does not care about getting treats for every squirrel she takes out, she does it for fun!

Cinny begging for her toy!

having a break!

So sleepy! she takes her squirrel to bed with her, how cute is that?

Mommy and Cinny time!

At the park, Cinny loves fetching, but only if I have treats!

After so many days of horrendous weather, the long waited sun decided to appear in the Bay Area. The walks with Cinnamon will be longer and drier :)
Now that I have some time off from school, I am spending some quality time with my pup!

Making new friends!

I was impressed she wasn't scared of this big pup!

We are bummed because our favorite park is closing to the public for at least seven months :( but before they do, we 'll try to go there more often!