Cycling trough the bay

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, as always during summer, it was cold brrrr!

Summer adventures continue and the past weekend the hubby, I and Cinny headed to San Francisco to bike 20 miles to Tiburon, CA. It was an exhausting trip, but oh so worth it!! The views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city were spectacular and Cinny was introduced to new dog friendly parks along our way.

Dogs don't care about looks!

Cinnamon after rubbing herself against the dirt, she looks happy!
No matter how careful I am to make sure Cinnamon's fur remains clean and pretty after a hike, she takes every opportunity that I am not watching to rub herself against dirt or mud. And oh my she gets filthy very filthy!

Bicycle Trailer

After doing our research online, we found this dog trailer on Amazon and decided to try it after seeing many good reviews. 

- They come in 2 sizes. We got the medium size (available in red only) and it fits perfectly for our bike and for Cinnamon. It can carry up to 50 pounds. 
- It is very spacious, we carry water bottles and some treats inside!!
- It is sturdy, we tried it on dirt and rocky areas and it still remained in one piece.
- Easy to assemble.   
- It has great view from inside, lots of windows so dogs don't' get bored.
- The price was decent, google it online and you may find more affordable ones, and used ones too!
- Cinnamon LOVES it!