Snow-bunny Cinny!

For president's day weekend we went to Tahoe with a bunch of lovely human and furry friends and no one was more excited to be back in the snow than Cinny!....

Cinny exploring!

 Any normal people would think we were some kind of animal hoarders for all the dogs there were at our cabin! (6 to be exact!!!)
Five pups waiting for Bella the pug!

Bella, her tongue was purple after eating some yummy snow!

Derbilicuous lost in the snow!

Cinny's love, Burger!

The moms having some fun! Cinny and Bella wanted to go along!

Daddy wants to have fun too!

My two loves!

I am so glad that Cinnamon loves the snow like us because more adventurous trips to the mountains are ahead of us!!!

Cute pic of the day!

Today I was going trough my pictures and found this cute one of my baby:

It is so hard to take pictures  of her because she moves a lot! So this one is a keeper!
Last week my baby was very sick. She got diarrhea because she ate grass with bugs on them (yucky) and she also had a rush all over her body. The vet gave us some medicines and she was much better next day. Man dogs are expensive....those medicines and the visit to the vet costed us a fortune and we do not have insurance, but she is the princess!

Lesson: don't let your pup eat grass with dirt on it, especially if it is wet. It seems that bugs love being in humid areas.