Hello Kitty for Dogs

I must confess that I love everything Hello Kitty, I always have and always will :)
So I was excited when I found out that Loungefly and Sanrio have come up with a Hello Kitty collection specially for dogs, and they are adorable.

The model for their line is a Shih Tzu like Cinnamon, check it out:

You can read the blog post here.

I can't wait to go to the store and buy this lovely dress for Cinny and I hope she likes it :/

Healthy Treats for Summer

It's been long since my last post, but we are back!!!
It's summer again, the sun is out, time for more outdoor adventures and exploring, yay! ....but wait that also means overheating for my Cinnamon :)
Reading about natural treats for dogs a while ago, I found an article that recomends carrots and green beans as healthy treats for dogs that will not make their belly upset. So to keep my pup cool, we put the veggies in the freezer and yes she loves them!!!

Frozen carrots and green beans.

Waiting patiently for her meal.

Cinny says: "mommy two more please"

Try these treats with your pup, they are healthy, sweet and will not upset their tummies :)

Cinny says:"yumm yumm, thanks mama"