I have never seen Cinnamon so excited and obsessed with a toy as she is with this squirrel maze!

It is called "hide a squirrel" and you simply hide squirrels inside the house and the dog is supposed to take them all out. Cinnamon is very good at this game and loves it so much that she does not care about getting treats for every squirrel she takes out, she does it for fun!

Cinny begging for her toy!

having a break!

So sleepy! she takes her squirrel to bed with her, how cute is that?

Mommy and Cinny time!

At the park, Cinny loves fetching, but only if I have treats!

After so many days of horrendous weather, the long waited sun decided to appear in the Bay Area. The walks with Cinnamon will be longer and drier :)
Now that I have some time off from school, I am spending some quality time with my pup!

Making new friends!

I was impressed she wasn't scared of this big pup!

We are bummed because our favorite park is closing to the public for at least seven months :( but before they do, we 'll try to go there more often!

My little Chinese dog!

Shih Tzus were originally from China and were pets of the royalty :) The name translates to "lion dog" and they do look like lions, especially when they play! Cinny received a gift from China and she looks adorable on it!

I bet the shih tzus back in the day wore these outfits. Here is my baby modeling her new addition to her wardrobe!