Yappy Halloween trick or treaters!!

hello furry friends, I am a ghost buster, but I got no candy :(

I am all ready to go out and scare ghosts away and protect my mama. But do you think I am scary enough??? 

Hope pups out there have fun in Halloween and get tons of treats :)

Eating out : Cascal

Hello, this is Cinny taking over mommy's computer :)
Today I'm going to review one of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area: Cascal in Mountain View.

- Outdoor seating.
- Dog friendly (they gave me water and cookies as soon as I arrived with my human parents)
- Excellent service (sometimes I wondered around, but waiters didn't mind me)
- Delicious Tapas (my human parents kept saying that food wasn't disappointing and I trust them, but I wish I could've tried a little for myself :(
- It can take forever to get a table, specially if you prefer outside seating, so I recommend you make a reservation.

Are you happy, I am!!

Go out, sniff around and have new adventures, woof woof!

Just because

So laugh a little today :)
Atte. Cinny