Play date with Bella!

Finally Bella and Cinnamon are bffs!
Bella, a lovely pug, came to visit this past weekend and  for my surprise Cinnamon was excited to see her.
Cinnamon is a very sensitive young lady and does not like when other dogs bark at her, or make funny noises. Bella is one little pup who makes those funny noises when she breaths. So, when Cinnamon met her, she was not really interested in her and would growl at her. Not anymore!
After our trip to Big Sur they bonded!

Now they play and chase each other. They still have issues sharing stuff and being jealous, but they are improving!
I am excited because now they can have more play dates, so they learn more social skills ;)

Bella the pug!

She is looking for Cinny

Cinny looking for Bella!

Yay, fun at the park!

(Mi preciosa Cinnamon jugando con su nueva amiguita que se llama Bella! Fue un feriado donde la pasamos con mi amiga y su perrita!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of joy and food :)

Cinnamon's longest hike ever!

This weekend Marco and I decided to spend some quality time together with Cinny. On Saturday we went to see an art exhibition, but Cinny had to stay outside. I wrote about this art exhibition here. Right after the exhibition we drove to South Lake Tahoe for a hiking adventure.
We stayed in a cozy hotel and woke up early in the morning for our hike. It was really cold out there, but after a hot coffee and some yummy eggs we were set to go. We went to Echo Lake were pooches are aloud.

One cozy looking cabin on the Lake.

The view was amazing! The smell of clean air and woods kept us going. As soon as Cinny got out the car she was jumping from rock to rock, chasing birdies, leaves and everything that moved. We walked for about 7 miles when we decided to go back because it was going to get dark.

Cinny looking for birds!

The return was faster, but we were tired. We were impressed with Cinny, she kept walking and walking always in front of me, always vigilant!

Climbing rocks!

Yes, we had some snow!

Water break!

Posing with daddy!

It was already dark when we got back to the car. We praised Cinny for her hard work. She walked 14 miles for about 8 hours! She refused to have her delicious chicken bone. All she wanted was to rest inside the car. We are so proud of her!

Our precious, so exhausted!

(Now en espanol: Este fin de semana decidimos hacer algo de aventura juntos con cinnamon ya que andamos muy ocupados y hace tiempo que no hacemos algo asi. El Sabado nos fuimos a ver a Mamani. Y despues de eso manejamos hasta Tahoe para hacer una caminata con cinnamon. Hacia mucho frio pero despues de un cafecito caliente estabamos listos para ir. Nos impresionamos de cinnamon que camino por ocho horas con descansos. El lago donde caminamos era muy bello y se sentia el aire fresco. Ya de regreso se nos hizo tarde. Felicitamos a cinnamon por caminar tanto. le ofrecimos su huesito favorito pero ella solo queria dormir en el coche. Nosotros tambien estabamos cansados y hambriento pero nos fuimos a comer unas carnes deliciosas en el camino de regreso.)

Shih Tzu Breath!

Cinny excited to get the tooth brush on her mouth!

I love kissing my pup and she loves kissing me and licking daddy everytime we get home.  She even knows the command "go kiss daddy" and she runs and kisses Marco! We are proud to say that she does not have a dog breath because I brush her teeth every other day and she enjoys it. It is a routine; every night we are brushing our teeth she comes and begs for her turn (as you can see in the pics).
Her kisses are so yummy!

Can you hurry up mom and brush my teeth??

(Now en espanol: me encanta besar a cinny, y a ella le gusta besar y lamer a su papi y a mi. Lo bueno es que no tiene aliento de perro. Por que le lavo los dientes al menos dos veces a la semana y siempre esta oliendo a menta je je. A ella le encanta lavarse los dientes. Como se ve en la foto, ella se desespera por que le lavemos y siempre muestra su sonrisa! Su besitos son yummies)