This was our first Halloween with Cinnamon and I was very excited to dress her up in a costume.  I took me a long time to find the perfect outfit for my baby. All the costumes for dogs were boring. I went to Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Petclub, Petfood, and found nothing. Then I found a precious lady bug costume at Target, but it was for human babies. I bought it anyway. When I got home I put the dress on Cinnamon and OMG she looked so cute in that dress. The only thing missing was the antennae. So I decided to make one myself. I made it with felt and sticks covered with black fabric. I cut a piece of felt, cut holes in it for the ears and stitched the sticks and  voila ….the costume was complete. Here are some pics:

It's a GIRL!!!

I know dogs are color blind and therefore do not care what color are their accessories such as leash, house, clothes etc etc. Well, I care. She is my baby girl and I want the world to know it, so I try to buy everything in color pink. Even her poop bag is pink. Here are the few things she has in pink:
untitled harness leash bed cinny tshirt
(Poop Bag and container, harness, leash, bed, toy, T-shirt..and more)
I know, I know , I am a crazy mom, but I don't care, I am happy and I do not hurt anyone, and Cinnamon does not seem to mind.
Despite the fact that my baby wears pink, people still ask me..Is that a boy or girl????...HELLO, one more time, it's a GIRL!
Cinnamon_first_pics_049 I am a girl..woff woff!!

Grooming Nightmare

If you love your dog like I do, you want to give them the best. Well for my baby's first hair cut I brought her to a professional dog groomer in San Francisco I wanted the best  treatment for  cinnamon first puppy hair cut. It was a little pricey, but she deserves it. They did an excellent job as she looked  more adorable.
IMG_0227_2 IMG_0240_2
                       Before                                                                                  After
Two months later it was that time to visit the groomer again. This time I decided to take her to Petsmart. Bad idea!!! She was matting, and they told me they would cut half of her hair, which I agreed. Not once, not twice but three times I told them not to cut her lovely top knot.  When I picked her up the first thing I noticed was her top knot missing.  Those unprofessional so called groomers cut off her top knot, and they also shaved all the hair. My precious looked like a Chihuahua and she was also shivering and looked afraid ;(. The only thing they offered me was a free teeth cleaning next time I go back. Noooo way!!  I will never go back to that awful place where dogs are in and out like in a car wash place.  There is a saying in Spanish “lo barato cuesta caro” which in English means that with cheap “stuff you pay more at the end” or something like that. So be careful when you decide where to take your precious baby.
                            After Petsmart...she still looks adorable!!

The day I adopted my baby!

I grew up with dogs almost my entirely life,but never really took good care of them. They were just animals...right. After 10 years of having no dogs at home, my and my husband decided to adopt a baby dog!!!

I had any idea where to look for a puppy, so I went online and found two possible babies. One was a shih tzu and the other a yorkie terrier. I went to see the yorkie, but the owner seemed shady as we meet on a restaurant. Next day I drove all the way to Oakland to see the shih tzu and OMG there she was so tinny and cute. The family I went to see had a litter of six puppies and one of them approached me to play and licked my feet!!! She was the one!!

Only eight weeks old, she was the cutest and very playful.

I took her home with me the same day. I was really excited and couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband "we are parents now."