It is Summer.....almost!

What a nice weather we had so far here in the bay area!! I love love it! Now that I am all done with school and work I can enjoy the sunny days and spend time with my Cinny!

Today went to the park and Cinny loved it!

 Look at her, she looks like a bunny hoping around!

 She found a friend, but she was shy..the kitty was not :)

My Cinny's bday is tomorrow and this year it's going to be Cinny and mommy only because I didnt have time to plan something else. We are going to spend some time in Fort Funston because she loves that place and then shopping for a cute dress and a new bed for her.....She deserves it!!!

Cleaning up!

It is that time of the year again!!!....I'm getting ready for my family's visit to California and that only means cleaning time!... I started with throwing up old Cinnamon's toys!.......

Cinny's toys...she's been collecting a lot of them ;)

 She looked so sad when I told her I was going to throw these ones out!

 She couldn't let them go!!!!

 I think I would have felt the same if my mom just trhew my precious toys...but sorry Cinny they were so yucky and smelly ;)

Cinny's bday is coming soon, she is going to be two!!....She is not a puppy anymore :'(