The day I adopted my baby!

I grew up with dogs almost my entirely life,but never really took good care of them. They were just animals...right. After 10 years of having no dogs at home, my and my husband decided to adopt a baby dog!!!

I had any idea where to look for a puppy, so I went online and found two possible babies. One was a shih tzu and the other a yorkie terrier. I went to see the yorkie, but the owner seemed shady as we meet on a restaurant. Next day I drove all the way to Oakland to see the shih tzu and OMG there she was so tinny and cute. The family I went to see had a litter of six puppies and one of them approached me to play and licked my feet!!! She was the one!!

Only eight weeks old, she was the cutest and very playful.

I took her home with me the same day. I was really excited and couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband "we are parents now."

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Melissa said...

hiiii! yay ! i found your blog :) come visit mind too :)

love, melissa, burger, and derby