My Muse: Cinnamon!

Cinnamon has become the center of everything I do. (Well, mostly everything). Two of my favorite activities is painting and drawing and ever since I adopted Cinnamon I had the urge to transfer her beauty in paintings.
  • One of the first drawings I did of Cinnamon was the one below:
Tres amigos framed
This is a drawing called "Los tres Amigos" (the three friends) made with pastels. Cinnamon is on the left, Burger in the middle and Derby on the right.
  • The  following is an Oil painting of Cinnamon. I call this painting, "Precious."

  • And this one is a drawing using pastels. It is a cartoon version of Cinnamon called "Mi gordita" (My little fatty).
My next project will be a black and white drawing using charcoal. I just hope to have more time for that....oh well I will just do it anyway!!
 paws Keep barking ;)paws 

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Melissa said...

The picture of the tres amigos is my favorite painting in the whole world :)