I'm a lady bug!

I only like halloween because I get to dress up Cinnamon and go trick or treating with her. This year we went to Happy go Lucky dog boutique for a Halloween event. Cinny had a lovely lady bug costume and she was the best (at least in my mommy eyes). They had dog contests and free treats for humans as well.  Here are some of the cutest dogs and funny costumes:

This tinny guy was the cutest walking around in his spider-dog costume!

 A prisoner :( 

 My cutie pie!

 Yorkie spider!

 This dog looks like Bella a lot!

A shih tzu bee!

There were too many bug costumes, I guess they are popular!! Next year I'm going to be more creative and try a different costume for my babe!!! I hope all the dogs out there had a fun Halloween and lots of treats  :)

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