Gear up for Summer!

Shih Tzu Aboard

Summer is here finally!  What can I say, we LOVE outdoor activities. There is nothing like breathing fresh air and feeling the wind caressing  your face. We decided to spend as much time as we can this Summer doing outdoor stuff like running, hiking and biking. All of these WITH Cinnamon!

After four years of not touching a bike, I am on the road biking again, and the word that comes to my head is freedom. I cant believe I waited so long to get a new bike. We also got a basket for Cinnamon so she can join us. However, this was not a good idea. The basket was not safe and Cinny fell down once, but did not get hurt, thank God!!!!  

My brand new bike!

So we ended up ordering a dog bike cart  online, and so far it did not disappoint. It is secure, roomy, easy to handle and Cinnamon loves it!! I will post a review of this cart with more specific info and where to get it in a later post. Yay for Summer!

No it's not a human baby!

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