Enjoying fall season!

Hi there. I can't believe it's Fall already! where did time go?
Being a dog, Cinny loves cold weather, and Fall is one of her favorite seasons. This year Cinny got a bad respiratory problem that got us scared. However, after several runs to the vet and yucky doses of medication, she recovered and is herself again. Just in time for Halloween. This time Cinny wore a cute little skeleton outfit that glowed in the dark.   

Hi furriends, look what my mommy made with these little pumpkins. I discovered a taste for pumpkin and the vet told me is good for me, so I eat :-) 

This costume was so comfortable I kept wearing it for a week, ooppsies!

My momy takes me to the park every day so I can chase squirrels and admire the leaves falling. 
I hope you are enjoying this season as much as we are :-)

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