This was our first Halloween with Cinnamon and I was very excited to dress her up in a costume.  I took me a long time to find the perfect outfit for my baby. All the costumes for dogs were boring. I went to Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Petclub, Petfood, and found nothing. Then I found a precious lady bug costume at Target, but it was for human babies. I bought it anyway. When I got home I put the dress on Cinnamon and OMG she looked so cute in that dress. The only thing missing was the antennae. So I decided to make one myself. I made it with felt and sticks covered with black fabric. I cut a piece of felt, cut holes in it for the ears and stitched the sticks and  voila ….the costume was complete. Here are some pics:

She felt comfortable in the costume as she was playing all night long with her buddies, Burger and Derby who were in their bumble bee costumes!!
Having Cinnamon made our Halloween day very special!!!!

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