It's a GIRL!!!

I know dogs are color blind and therefore do not care what color are their accessories such as leash, house, clothes etc etc. Well, I care. She is my baby girl and I want the world to know it, so I try to buy everything in color pink. Even her poop bag is pink. Here are the few things she has in pink:
untitled harness leash bed cinny tshirt
(Poop Bag and container, harness, leash, bed, toy, T-shirt..and more)
I know, I know , I am a crazy mom, but I don't care, I am happy and I do not hurt anyone, and Cinnamon does not seem to mind.
Despite the fact that my baby wears pink, people still ask me..Is that a boy or girl????...HELLO, one more time, it's a GIRL!
Cinnamon_first_pics_049 I am a girl..woff woff!!

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