Cinnamon new haircut!

It is past midnight and I am taking a break from reading a Psychopharmacology book (not fun at all). And what a better way to waste time than to write about my lovely pup! So I took Cinnamon to the city to get a nice summer cut. Most people may think I am crazy to drive all the way up to San Francisco just to get Cinnamon groomed. Let me tell you this people: Yes I am crazy bananas cucu @-@ :)
Anywho, I love this place. They love small pups and I know my Cinny is in good hands there. This time I decided to chop her hair off (i hope that's the right expression). Yes, Cinnamon has lost her precious fur and now looks like a real dog. I love her new look and I am sure she appreciates having short hair during the summer!
Here are some pics of her new look:


My little lovely pup! (she may need retainers)

Looking happy with her new look!

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