Cinnamon Obsession

Well, as the title of my blog says, I am obsessed with my little pup. Last month I got the new iPhone 3Gs, which I really love, and this new version takes clearer pictures. I love playing with pictures and changing them. I found a cool application for the iPhone called "Camera bag." Camera bag has lots of filters for the iPhone and I love all of them. Since I installed it on my phone, I can't stop taking pictures of my Cinnamon. Here are some of my favorites:

IMG_0699 IMG_0678 IMG_0757 IMG_0723 IMG_0716IMG_0713  IMG_0717 IMG_0721 Cinny black and white

and this is my favorite of all of them: cinny and her piggy tails..SO cute!


I am sure you we'll see more pictures of her in the future because I can't help myself!!!

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Melissa said...

I love these pictures! you are such an awesome doggy mommy :)