Stylish Dog Bowls!

It is amazing how time flies. Halloween is coming and before we know it its going to be Xmass again. The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about Xmass was what we were going to give Cinnamon! I know she is just a dog, but it is fun to think and start looking for presents!
I always wanted to buy her a new set of dog bowls because the ones she has are really old. I was looking online for modern dog bowls that will look cute on our apartment and these are some of the cute ones I found from the cheapest to the ones that will hurt someone's wallet ;)

Studio Scoop Rose Bowl ($5)

Studio Scoop Small dog ($4)

Hugx Pet Fedding Bowl ($60)

Studio Duo Dual Bowl ($50)

Lil' Pup Dog Dish ($80)

Lupita Dog Bowl ($80)

Holden Design Pet Feeders ($94)

The Bowl by Petbitat ($165)

Which one would Cinny like??? Hummmm........

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