Camping trip!

This weekend one of my friends convinced me to go camping to Big Sur and I am glad I decided to go at the last minute because I had lots of fun! And not surprisingly enough I took Cinnamon with me!

It all started at 7am. I woke up and started packing like crazy and fortunately I did not forget anything. I had my tent, cinny's tent, some headlights, sleeping bags and food for Cinny. We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and pastries and we were ready to hit the road. Big Sur wasn't as far as I thought and Cinny slept the entire time.
Our campsite was close to the beach so we took the puppies (Cinnamon and Bella, her new BFF) for a walk. This was the first time Bella and Cinny played together. It was a magical experience to see them chasing each other and getting close to the beach.

Marco couldn't go with us and we know he would have enjoyed as much as we did :(
We would definitely go back again and maybe spend more time in this fabulous place!

Cinnamon had her own tent!

Where is my dinner?

Big Sur!

Cinny and her new friend, Annete!

Bella and Cinny enjoying the sun, sand and water!

Just beautiful (Cinny and Bella)!


A beautiful day!

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