Christmas in Tahoe!

So this year we spent Christmas in North Lake Tahoe. It was a bitter sweet Christmas because I missed my family a lot. Besides I found out that my brother's pup is missing. When I spoke with  my little bro on the phone he was devastated and couldn't stop crying :( It made me really sad, and the fact that it was Christmas eve did not help at all!! :(
I really hope he finds the dog!

On the other hand, I was excited to spend Christmas with my two loves: Marco and Cinny!
I am so fortunate to have Marco in my life. He always brings a smile to my face and cheers me up when I need it the most :)

These are some pics of Christmas day:

Cinnamon got a lady bug plush toy and a yummy bone for Christmas!

We  went for a walk and Cinny loved playing in/with the snow!

She also ate some snow...yummy!

Looking for her ball!

Marco and Cinny!

She was very exhausted that night!

My little ewok keeping me warm!

Merry Christmas to all dog lovers!

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koala said...

They do look like little Ewoks, don't they? My pup was crazy about the new snow. I adore Cinny's haircut! We keep it long for the winter cause snow and low temperatures are not just a holiday event for us.