Burger's Birthday!

We are babysitting my friend's dogs for the Holidays and today is Burger's birthday. I thought I would be nice if we did something special for him.

We started the day with a walk at the Park!

Looking for birds

the birthday boy!

Then they all got a bath!

It is So much easier to bathe little Derby!

Cinnamon the Hostess!

Derby the guest :)

Goodies for the pups!

He enjoyed every minute of those cookies!

Having three kids at home is hard, but these guys are easy to take care of. They sleep all day and don't request going outside to the park every hour like Cinnamon!! We are going to miss them next week when they leave :(

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mandi said...

Mabel, You are soooo sweet for doing that for burger! Tell him happy belated birthday :) I love this post.