Cinny living the life in Vail, Colorado!

We started 2010 with new exciting adventures. We took some time off before the madness of work and school begin and went to one of the best, if not THE best, skiing resort there is in the US, Vail!

This place is huge and really pretty. We could not see all of it in one week, but we were pleased with what we saw. Obviously, we took Cinnamon with us. She enjoyed the snow, the walks around town and all the compliments from random people.

Cinny patiently waiting for our connecting flight in LA.


Her favorite dog store where we got her the cute pink jacket she is wearing!

she wanted to go inside every time we passed the store!

Nightlife in downtown!

It was still Christmas over there!

Snow dog!

Long day! it is so hard to be cute..ahhhhh!

While Cinny was napping, the grown ups went out to explore too!

Bye Vail, until our next adventure!!

This is the face of a happy and spoiled pup!