Hiking with the pups!

Last weekend we took the pups for a hike to the largest tract of undisturbed marshland remaining in the San Francisco Bay. This place is home for a great variety of birds and squirrels. The dogs were in heaven chasing them! 

The now classic pose!

Marco in charge

Cinnamon and Burger were excited to be off leash

Sniffing duck's pup :)

Cinny and Burger breaking the law as always! They found a dead fish and were rubbing themselves against it......it was nasty!

I love taking pics of Burger, he is very photogenic!

Wild ducks

Some pretty flowers on the trail!

The sunset and time to go!

It was fun having Burger and Derby at home. Cinnamon will miss them,she will  especially miss her only and true love Burger!


mandi said...

wow! your pictures are amazing!! Burger is very photogenic--i agree. That hiking place looks really nice. I think i will come visit soon. I hope we will be able to hang out :)

Melissa said...

you guys are the best! Hope to see you all soon =)