Heat Wave in the Coast!!

 The past four days have been hell for Cinnamon and myself because of the heat wave that hit the Bay Area. Our AC decided to stop working for those days and I had to bathe Cinny at least twice during the day to keep her cool. Shih Tzus are very sensitive to heat and the 100's degrees was not pleasant for my baby.

Luckily we live in the wonderful Bay Area and are minutes away from the beach! So we spent the day cooling off and it was a precious bonding time :)


Ania said...

Poor Cinny. Does she like water? Elza hates it so much even the heat won't convince her to cool in water.

Ania said...

Hi, it's me again, I feel like a spammer commenting too much on your blog but I'm obsessed with shih tzu's too, so I recommended your blog for 2010 Blog Day.

Melissa said...

that hat is too cute! She looks like a real baby =)