Dog moms!

Most (I would say all) of my good friends either have a dog or love dogs. There is something special about dog owners and you can tell a lot from the way they take care of their pups. Of course there are many crazy dog owners out there, like the crazy loud lady at the dog park with about six dogs (all of them loud and rude as her), or those animal hoarders.....well but that is the extreme!

I decided to write about my friends and their pups. Today I'll tell you about Karla and her baby Preciosa.

This is Preciosa (Cinny's new friend)!

This is Karla, the mommy!

I meet Karla through a friend, Martha, but I did not know we had so much in common after a year. I remember talking with her about Cinnamon and she told me about her dog and how she would quietly take a peek when Precious sleeps. We both love arts and crafts, we both are happily married, we grew up outside of the country and we both speak Spanish, oh and we enjoy wine, dancing, camping and snow sports!!!

 For my birthday Karla gave me this beautiful apron!

Karla adores her baby and she makes a pretty dog-mom!

 We had too much wine in this pic!!!

Next Blog: Martha and Bella!

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Karla said...

How cute! Thanks for making both Precious and I part of your blog. Te adoro amiga!!!