Dog mommy of the month!

  Melissa, a happy dog mommy of two lovely pups!

 I present you Melissa. Melissa is mom of Burger (Westie)  and Derby (Maltese). Burger is Cinnamon's boyfriend.
I always wanted to have dogs, and when I meet Melissa and her pups I could not stop thinking about adopting one, and months later I got Cinnamon!

These pictures are from a photo shoot we had last year.

Melissa is a very sweet person with a huge heart. We both love our pups; we would be a real family if Burger asks Cinnamon's paw (wink, wink). 

Every time Mel and I get together, we talk about living in a big city like New York or San Francisco, being neighbors and going shopping everyday! How fun would that be? 
Since we both enjoy cooking and baking, we started our own little business called SUGAR THERAPY.  

Burger and Derby

If you are interested in knowing more about Melissa you can visit her blog here. 

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