Home grooming!

Cinny after her home grooming :)

Shih Tzus are one of the most expensive dogs when it comes to grooming. Cinnamon needs a trim every two-three weeks and taking her to a doggie spa is something I cannot afford any longer :(
So I went to the store and purchased a dog clipper to trim my baby myself and save me some bucks.
I do not have experience trimming a dog, but after watching how-to-do videos online I trained myself to do it, and this is the end result:

I kept Cinny's hair longer, it looks like she has pants on! 

 And trimmed her face so I can see her beautiful eyes!
shih tzu haircut

If you need a basic and easy to use dog clipper check the Andis Easy Clip grooming kit! I got mine at Petsmart and I really like it, comes in pink too!


k9 said...

Well cinny looks cool in both get- ups,whether its with long hair or trimmed hair.
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Erica said...

wow. her spiffy haircut looks just as good as when you take her to the groomers! It was definitely a smart idea to save some money by doing it yourself.