Dogs don't care about looks!

Cinnamon after rubbing herself against the dirt, she looks happy!
No matter how careful I am to make sure Cinnamon's fur remains clean and pretty after a hike, she takes every opportunity that I am not watching to rub herself against dirt or mud. And oh my she gets filthy very filthy!

This is Cinny taking a dirt bath!
 Why dogs rub in the dirt or smelly things, who knows but I heard that it goes back to long ago when wild dogs used to hunt and would roll on the ground to hide their odor from prey. Smelly things were the best way to disguise their natural odor. 

Unfortunately, my babe inherited this instinct and rubs herself in the dirt, other dogs pee or duck poop...yucky. 

My little monster had too much fun that day! 
She may not care the way she looks, or smells but mommy does. So she got a long and refreshing shower that day followed by a puppy cologne :)

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Bailey said...

I am glad she enjoys herself.