Cycling trough the bay

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, as always during summer, it was cold brrrr!

Summer adventures continue and the past weekend the hubby, I and Cinny headed to San Francisco to bike 20 miles to Tiburon, CA. It was an exhausting trip, but oh so worth it!! The views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city were spectacular and Cinny was introduced to new dog friendly parks along our way.

Foggy day at SF.

Crissy Fields, Cinny was in heaven at this beach.

Another beach in Tiburon, CA

Last pose before heading back home
This last picture of Cinnamon expresses how I felt after cycling 20 miles!!! I was so exhausted that I did not feel like taking pictures of Tiburon, which I regret now because this town has the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, most of them with majestic views of the ocean (or bay). I was like a kid in a candy store, "I want this house, and that one, oh maybe that other one too" .....(long sigh here)...Now, I am adding "a beach house" to my list of dreamy houses :)

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