Halloween 09!

This is the second year we celebrate Halloween with our pup. This year I made Cinnamon's costume myself. She was a daisy flower and she looked very cute. On Sunday we went with her friends Bella, Derby and Burger to a dog Halloween parade in Los Gatos, and they had fun sniffing other dogs and getting free treats.

Cinnamon as a Flower!

Another Shih Tzu pup as a bee!

Bella with a Lady Bug dress!

Cookie dog!

Pequeno Derby!

Proud Mom!


Melissa said...

the dogs were so happy that day =) Let's do it again next year!!

besos to you and cinny minny

ps. how was your week?

Karla said...

Were you planning to go again this year? If so, I would like to take Precious and dress her up as a bat or princess. ;)