Shih Tzu Breath!

Cinny excited to get the tooth brush on her mouth!

I love kissing my pup and she loves kissing me and licking daddy everytime we get home.  She even knows the command "go kiss daddy" and she runs and kisses Marco! We are proud to say that she does not have a dog breath because I brush her teeth every other day and she enjoys it. It is a routine; every night we are brushing our teeth she comes and begs for her turn (as you can see in the pics).
Her kisses are so yummy!

Can you hurry up mom and brush my teeth??

(Now en espanol: me encanta besar a cinny, y a ella le gusta besar y lamer a su papi y a mi. Lo bueno es que no tiene aliento de perro. Por que le lavo los dientes al menos dos veces a la semana y siempre esta oliendo a menta je je. A ella le encanta lavarse los dientes. Como se ve en la foto, ella se desespera por que le lavemos y siempre muestra su sonrisa! Su besitos son yummies)


koala said...

Does she have special toothpaste or something?

Mabel Rada said...

yep, it has a chicken flavor and she loves it! You can find it at Petsmart or petco.