Play date with Bella!

Finally Bella and Cinnamon are bffs!
Bella, a lovely pug, came to visit this past weekend and  for my surprise Cinnamon was excited to see her.
Cinnamon is a very sensitive young lady and does not like when other dogs bark at her, or make funny noises. Bella is one little pup who makes those funny noises when she breaths. So, when Cinnamon met her, she was not really interested in her and would growl at her. Not anymore!
After our trip to Big Sur they bonded!

Now they play and chase each other. They still have issues sharing stuff and being jealous, but they are improving!
I am excited because now they can have more play dates, so they learn more social skills ;)

Bella the pug!

She is looking for Cinny

Cinny looking for Bella!

Yay, fun at the park!

(Mi preciosa Cinnamon jugando con su nueva amiguita que se llama Bella! Fue un feriado donde la pasamos con mi amiga y su perrita!)

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