My motivation!

Cinny can easily run a 5k :)

Last Friday my husband and I run a 10k race in Palo Alto! I was scared of not finishing it, but I did it!....I do not like running outdoors, but since I adopted my baby Cinnamon I pushed myself to run outdoors more often because she loves it. Cinnamon has been training with us and she runs 4 miles nonstop. She always leads our way and waits for me when I'm behind. Running is so good for her and it is a good way to spend quality time as a family :)

 This is my hubby and he also motivates me to run :) !!

Mis dos bebes son mi mayor motivacion para correr y hacer ejercicio, sin ellos yo creo que estaria gorda :)

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Melissa said...

cinny motivates me too! She totally kicked my butt last week lol